Shocking! Patong patong at mabibigat na kaso ang gustong isampa ni Sen. Gordon para kay Noynoy at Abad para mabulok sa kulungan

Senator Richard “Dick” J. Gordon recently shared his thoughts on the decision of the Office of the Ombudsman to indict former President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III and former Budget Secretary Butch Abad for the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) scandal.
According to Gordon, the case should not have stopped there, but should have went to the extent of malversation and graft and corruption.

Gordon said that the issue of the DAP is very intricate and involved a lot of things that must be dealt with. 

“As chairman of the Committee on Justice and Human Rights, I agree with the Ombudsman that there was usurpation. But, though I don’t know all the facts yet, I would have chosen the more stringent offenses which are graft and corruption and malversation. They were even guilty of malversation, technical malversation. Yung sa malversation, absorbed na ang usurpation doon e. In order to commit malversation, they usurped the powers of Congress,” he said.

Gordon said that the issue of DAP allowed Aquino and Abad to lie and manage the budget and say that it served a specific purpose when it did not. He declared it as savings only to spend it on something else.

“Eto ang purpose ng Kongreso, co-equal branch of government, and then they cavalierly declare savings so they can spend the money for a purpose for which it was not intended for. Imagine, declaring savings in the middle of the year. In any language, savings can only be declared at the end of the year. They thought nobody could question them. Nakikita mo, nilulusot talaga nila. They thought they could get away with it,” he said.

More than that, Gordon said that they have done these illegal acts repeatedly over the course of years and multiple projects and instances.

He said that it became a habit of Aquino and Abad to do so. Because of this, he says that indeed it must be a bigger case.

"It goes into habit, which is why they should file a bigger case. Because in Dengvaxia they did the same, they transferred money. Then in the PhilHealth case, again they transferred money for purposes other than what it was intended for. So may habit. Pag may habit, that's considered aggravating," Gordon said.

Gordon used some recent controversial projects to explain his case.

He said that in the issue of procuring the Dengvaxia vaccine, Aquino deliberately augmented the budget of the Department of Health. The DOH’s Expanded Program of Immunization had savings intended for miscellaneous personnel benefits, but these were augmented and the total budget was bigger than what was earlier expected.

The Philhealth funds on the other hand, was deliberately misused by allowing former Philhealth chief to let the Department of Budget used the funds that were originally allocated to building barangay health stations.

Gordon argues that the Dengvaxia did not result in augmentation, rather a bigger disease which the Aquino administration to invest in more that the budget of all EPI diseases combined. Questionable since the country did not declare a state of emergency for dengue. He said that because of this, Aquino, Abad and former health secretary Janette Garin may be imprisoned.

"Yung sa Dengvaxia hindi augmentation ito. It's pratically for a news disease and for a bigger amount - bigger than all the EPI combined, all the 11 diseases combined. It's a new disease. And there was no state of emergency like Ebolia. It's a disease that has been there for a long time. Eto talagang malinaw ang kaso. Talagang may paper trail and may witnesses so palagay ko makukulong sila diyan. There's a very big possibility that all three of them, including (Former Health Secretary Janette) Garin, will land in jail along with the others for Dengvaxia," Gordon said.

“Also in the case of PhilHealth kasi ganun din ang ginawa nila. Nagconspire silang dalawa ni Padilla (and Garin) na sabihin na hindi nila kailangan ng PhilHealth yung fund. Tapos a year later, sinabi ni Padilla na kailangan nila. Pero nakuha na nila yung pera. Obviously, it was for the campaign,” Gordon said.

Source: Dick Gordon



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